Welcome to Shakespeare in the Park - the making of a festival.

My name is Kate Foy.  I am an actor, director and theatre educator, and the creator of this website.

My involvement with the University of Southern Queensland’s Shakespeare in the Park Festival (originally Shakespeare in Queen’s Park Festival) came about through the vagaries of creativity and the results of putting up your hand for a job. It just grew and grew and grew ...

I became co-creator with colleagues in the Department of Theatre - staff and students - of this community Shakespeare Festival in Toowoomba Australia. Along the way I started taking pictures and keeping notes of how we did it. I am glad I did. However, I was not particularly diligent about keeping a diary or journal for the first couple of years. With the coming of blogging as a way to publish quickly and efficiently, I began commenting in this format from 2006. It was a way to get information out to a growing, interested public who were beginning to appreciate and to use the internet as a way to communicate and share.

You can jump straight to the blog here and commence reading from the first entry on 15 January 2006; these entries cover the 2006 Festival. The last entry was made after the 2007 Shakespeare on the Bay (Hervey Bay) season on 21 March 2007 but begins with the planning in mid-2006. In the intervening years, the progress of the Festival has ebbed and flowed in terms of its success. The stories from these years are for others to tell.

You will also find interviews with some of the key personnel for the 2007 Festival here. It was the beginning of podcasting as well as blogging and the first interview … really a podcast by me on what the Festival was all about … sounds a little stilted and strange after all these years. I guess we’ve got more comfortable using the web since then!

This website also contains images and a Home page for each of the Festivals 2004-2007 that I was involved with.

2004 Home
2005 Home
2006 Home
2007 Home

This site has been rebuilt from the original blog and other materials on my own and USQ’s websites at the times. It is designed to provide archival references for interested people. Most of the photographs used here were taken by me. The others are courtesy of USQ Media Services. The site also contains additional commentary.