How Many Rehearsal Rooms Are There?


Monday, Week 3 of Festival rehearsals and another production joins Macbeth on the rehearsal callboard: Sonnets at Breakfast.  This is the second major Festival event which will play on Sundays 11 and 18th March in Toowoomba’s Botanical Gardens and Hervey Bay Botanical Gardens respectively.
The actors have been working under Assistant Director Allie Stapleton for the past few weeks, getting together materials, and working up conceptual approaches via theme and character.  Today was the day to show and pitch their ideas to the rest of the acting company, to Allie and to me as Director.  A directors’ meeting at breakfast last Saturday with Scott Alderdice, Festival Artistic Director, put the event’s conceptual framework in place: light, joyous, and relaxed.  
The production promises wonderfully lyrical and equally slapstick approaches to the sonnets, scenes and songs of Shakespeare.  Both Botanical Gardens are truly gorgeous spaces, and the combination of terrific Shakespeare, great company and fine food and wine should make for a memorable day.
Our first company meeting was to talk through the format of the morning, and to set the tasks for the week.  The logistics of working at least two rehearsal rooms at the one time are pretty frightening, and the SM teams have been valiant in preparing a matrix which covers the hours of 9-6pm daily.  Add wardrobe calls, fight calls and individual coaching calls to this mix, and you’ll get some idea of the chaos that could occur if one of us gets it wrong! At the end of this week, we do a cut and cry if necessary, and then put the program on the back-burner, and get back to rehearsals of the mainstage
Macbeth.  Polish time happens in week 2 of the Festival, as Sonnets at Breakfast is the last event of the Festival  in both Toowoomba and Hervey Bay.