… a dozen meetings


Stocktaking on a Friday afternoon, and I have to say that it has been one of those weeks where you remember the meetings and very little else!  There have been 12 of them (12!) in 5 days. But of course these meetings are all-important, and the production meetings especially at this stage are vital in ensuring all the cogs are oiled and meshing nicely.  Can’t complain, and wouldn’t anyway; the teams are going great guns.  Keeping all the channels of communication open is a priority right now.  Giving everyone head space to deal with the creative work is vital.  Actually just making sure all the people who need to be are in the same room at the same time is probably enough!  The rest takes care of itself.  (Thanks SMs)
I have to say though, that the work on the rehearsal room floor and in the audio studio with the actors saved me somewhat.  Finished today with a first cut of Sonnets at Breakfast.  The company have come up with some delicious work, funny as well as lyrical for polishing over the coming weeks.  Put down another 3 sonnets yesterday--the bunch is growing--and of course it’s St Valentine’s Day next Tuesday.
The media blitz (3 weeks out) is going into top gear, and I’m hoping for almost-daily focus articles from next week.  Print, radio and television ads are also in production for Brisbane and the Fraser Coast, and as I write, posters are being “billed” from the Sunshine to the Gold Coast.  
Also as I write there is the “ting ting” of sword blades in rehearsal room Q138.  Fight choregographer Richard Niejielski is working with the Macbeth cast on some of the routines.  All happening!