Schools' Workshop Day 1


It all began today.  Months of preparation, and they came to a gorgeous day under the trees to “do” theatre.  
The park was full of
activity; over 500 secondary school students working with guest tutors, USQ staff and students at various stations around Queens Park.  I sat amongst some of the high school kids and their teachers for a Black Box Shakespeare workshop late in the afternoon (above), a really nice exploration of getting the text off the page and into action--some tried and true rehearsal exercises exemplified by the Macbeth acting company led by Bernadette Pryde.  As I left the park around 5 for another appointment, the pizzas and fruit were coming out for dinner before the show.  I thought how much I would have loved this experience when I was 16.  Tonight there were over 600 at the first performance of Macbeth.

Ed Workshop Day_2

As I write, the first performance is down, and the actors would be in a notes session with the director.  What’s being said?  I can only guess, but with the adrenalin pumping and the excitement levels high,  I imagine the notes are about refining and polishing, with a general pep talk to stay focussed, to relax, and above all, enjoy each performance.  I have no doubt they will.
At the desk, there were myriad things to attend to: moving the sales along for
Sonnets at Breakfast; checking on bookings for the next Festival at Hervey Bay in a week or so’s time; chasing down show footage for television commercial production for the Bay; getting a team out to put up Festival ad signs which had “fallen down.”  The Sonnets ... t-shirts (white with red hearts) arrived today, as have the new ads which will join the festival signs tonight.  Non stop action from here on in, but I’ve heard from so many people how these little street-corner signs are making an impact.  
Tomorrow, the park opens up for primary school kids and more fun under the trees.  And so it goes!