The Park Lights Up

The bump-in, phase 2.  Microphone checks with the actors, and the bonus of a  couple of run-throughs yesterday and Wednesday for the acting company with the director, on set and with the soundtrack.  Last night, as dusk fell, the lighting technical team went to work on focussing and plotting, so this evening’s first technical run is on schedule.  
So far, no bad weather on the horizon, though the company was warned that should it rain, the communications plan will swing in i.e., the Stage Management office will provide the link for the company to the contingency plan.  We do of course, have rain-days scheduled in i.e., we’ve got time up our sleeve both in the production week (now) and during the season.  Hopefully, we won’t need them.
For me in all of this, and in my other role as voice-coach, there is a chance to comment through the director on microphone technique, verse-speaking, diction, and the myriad details involved in polishing the performances to shiny-bright and performance pitch.  In other words, to be the new “ear” and other eye for the director.  By this stage, the director knows the lines, and it is easy to over-look what have perhaps become habitual errors, though these tend to be few and far between.  However familiarity does blunt the ear; I know this as a director myself, and like another in the final stages of rehearsals to give the actors a fresh perspective on the speaking and voice work.  
I’ve seen a couple of runs now, both in the park, and the actors in the
Macbeth company are doing very well indeed.  When this is the case, the temptation is to go in with the polishing rag perhaps too hard.  It’s important that a good balance is struck between self-determination by the actor and guidance by the coach.  We’re training professional artists after all, and part of this training involves encouraging and supporting their strong and individual choices.  I point out the areas for improvement, and encourage as much as possible.  That’s the job now.
A footnote to a full day:  I spent an interesting few hours yesterday at the TCC Tourism Seminar called by Cr Michelle Schneider’s office.  It brought together some of the key stakeholders in the tourism industry and local players to discuss the ways we can get the message out there about Toowoomba’s tourism “industry.” The big events in town (us, AGMF, and the Carnival of Flowers) had their say via presentations, and the outcome will I hope mean closer cooperation and cross-promotion for all of us.