Brisbane Launch Day

Off we trundled this morning, flyers, posters, media-kits and hopes of a good reception all packed in the caravan.  Arrived and set up in the Brisbane City Mall stage and pitched our Festival to reps from the arts industry, travel providers and media, and of course, the passers by and the curious.  There are never enough audience, but the brief presentation by the actors was a good taste for those who stopped by to watch.  Word of mouth as well as the strong media campaign should attract Brisbane-ites up the hill for a Festival experience.  Our focus this year on building audiences has been on tourism, to extend our audience base to include out of town visitors.  Today’s out of town launch was one of the strategies designed to achieve that.  Nervous wait now till the first of the packages and tickets start to go via Southern Queensland Tourism’s website.
What was good to do was to meet at long last with SQT our travel partners.  Shared a coffee with Mark Greaves and Anita Clark who run what is a powerhouse niche tourist business.  Mark is as passionate about what he does as we are about the Festival, and if all goes well, should be the beginning of a good partnership.