Another Opening

The Park has been open for business since Thursday night, the opening night for SiQP 2007’s mainstage production of Macbeth.  Our first adult audience got the season of to a fine clip once again with picnic rugs and chairs, and the by-now almost legendary SiQP dining experience: tables, wine-coolers and candles on a picnic table.  I love the inventiveness of our audiences, and their enthusiastic acceptance of our style of presentation.  This year, picnic hampers were available from our concession caterers Etiquette 24/7, as well as bar items, soft drinks, sweets and tea and coffees.  A marquee for premium pre-show and interval service is taking off; corporate organisations like this kind of hospitality service for their clients.  
Friday night saw another enthusiastic audience of around 300 take to the show, again with outdoor style.  The “groundlings” with their blankets, doonas and (switched-off) mobile phones really packed the “pit” in front of the stage.  The mobile phones were busy all night taking shots of the stage, no doubt for texting to friends unlucky enough to miss out.  The rest of the arena seemed to be a sea of green and blue picnic chairs--a local hardware superstore has to be making a very smart killing on these items!
We’re learning as the event grows, and so too are our audiences.  They are learning to come a little earlier and queue at the box-office to get a good position in the arena.  I remember the queues at Vancouver’s Bard on the Beach for the open seating there, and how people would come a couple of hours prior to the show to get the best seats--though Bard ... has its mainstage shows in a large tent, and not in the open air as ours is.
And the show itself ... visually amazingly spectacular with the costumes getting a huge nod from audiences for designer Carolyn Taylor-Smith.  The sound track is a perfect accompaniment to the action, and lighting and the A-V by student technicians a testament to their talents.  The actors are clearly having the time of their lives up there.