Schools' Workshop Day 2

Today was the day for junior Shakespeare devotees.  Needless to say they rocked the place.
I arrived at the park this evening after all the fun of the day, mostly to say hello to the company, but especially to see the decorated trees.  And there they were in fine, festive style.  Damien Kamholz their tutor does fantastic art workshops with young people, and it was a thrill to see the grand old avenue of trees looking bright, fresh and “young” again with an application of colour.  I especially liked the Hamlet tree (above).
Tonight a “closed” run for the new students in the department, and a final chance for the company to iron out what wrinkles remain, and to consolidate the show.
The media are coming to the party with almost daily articles on the festival, and radio and television ads with action footage from the show should start to attract some attention.
At the desk ... yes, more phone calls, filling in cracks various (mostly small but vital little jobs that are time-dependent), and starting to think about the speech for the gala night on Saturday; the mayor, attorney-general, and other sponsor VIPSs will be in attendance.  That, and realising that a horde of family and friends are about to descend; it’s going to be a motel around here for a couple of weeks.  Great buzz around with great feedback from last night, and as a bonus feel-good, ticket sales are climbing.