Final Night


As I did a retro flashback to last year, I remembered the last night as being quite and very satisfying.  This year’s final performance of
Macbeth was far from quiet and no less satisfying.  920 people, a festival record for a single performance attendance, saw the show out in fine style.  The actors were in good touch; in fact, I hadn’t seen the show in its entirety since last Saturday night, and the performances since then have seen a maturity and development in individuals and the company as a whole.  As a voice coach, it’s a joy to hear often-difficult Elizabethan text being spoken clearly, with conviction, and sureness.  The robustness of the physical acting style suits this interpretation; I can see the influence of circus and particularly that of Cirque de Soleil on Scott’s production, and it works.  This company of actors has grown so much during the rehearsal and performance season.  What a marvellous start to their final year of training as theatre artists.
The audience was waiting outside the box office gates from 5pm this afternoon, and they continued pouring in until just before lights-up at 7pm.  The arena has never been as full, or as “buzzy.”  The groundlings on their rugs filled the front of the stage area, and hundreds of camp chairs, picnic baskets, and candle-adorned tables stacked back almost to the concession tents.  
I felt tonight that we had taken that big step up that I had hoped for.  Four years on, and there is a sense that we have arrived as an event.  And so, whilst we can’t put the Festival to bed yet, (tomorrow is our Toowoomba finale for the year with Sonnets at Breakfast) we can heave a great sigh of pleasure at the truly marvellous work which has been done by so many people to make this, “our festival” the success it has been.  
I heard so many say “I’ll be back next year.”  Thank you, dear friends!