First For the Year: Live from the Nerve Centre!

Back from a wonderfully refreshing break with a clear head and what I hope is renewed purpose.  Of course things really didn’t stop while I was away; this project has a momentum of its own--is the word “juggernaut”?
As I write we are well and truly into the production phase of the 2007 Festival.  All of the ops (operations) groups are in full swing: the costume department is running hot, the set is being tweaked to accommodate the sort of requirements which reveal themselves only when director and actors get together on the rehearsal room floor.  Fortunately, tweaking is not a problem this year.  The set is largely comprised of aluminium scaffolding (thanks Alquip our sponsor), and in the nature of scaffolding, add-ons are not only possible but relatively easy.  This year we’ve gone for three stories, so it should be visually spectacular once the costumes, action and lights arrive.

Weekly production meetings for each of the projects within the Festival are now the order.  Each team reports on progress, potential problems are identified, and the juggernaut rolls onwards.
The rehearsal room(s) for
Macbeth, Sonnets at Breakfast, and for the revival of Black Box Shakespeare are running in tandem with individual Stage Managers and Directors and Asst Directors ensuring the actors (the same company) are kept appropriately focussed on the task in hand for that day.  It’s a massive job of coordination by the young Stage Management team, and I can’t help but be in awe of their focus, skill and commitment.

Marketing the Festival has been underway for some time now.  Links to the website via other agencies and the capacity to book tickets and accommodation packages directly through our tourism partner Southern Queensland Tourism is now active.  The Empire Theatre also has a link to our site, and the capacity to book online, so it’s not hard for our patrons to find out what’s happening and to get a ticket and even to get here on a big Greyhound bus from out of town.

The other media, print, radio and television is also being covered in various ways:  editorial and advertising, letter-box drops via flyers, poster (all over town and soon Brisbane), a viral e-card, and the latest, a podcast of sonnets for St Valentine’s day.  These are being recorded in the Media Services studio and feature the Festival actors.  We now have a podcast up on the iTunes Store and it featured as a “new and notable” yesterday.  I’ve “told a friend” via the iTunes e-card and hopefully lots of downloads are occurring as I write.  The podcast has a hotlink back to the Festival website.  All happening ...