Sonnets in the Top 25 on the iTunes Store


Well, imagine my surprise!  Checking out the Sonnets for St Valentine’s Day podcast on the iTunes Store this morning, and there we are, not only as a “New and Notable” but also in the top 25 (#19) in the Literature category.  Nice work.
The second bouquet goes up on Thursday, and the final 4 on February 14 for the day itself--a bunch of 12 for the love of your life, or just yourself to say “aaah”.  And they do sound great!  Jason Myatt USQ’s Senior Audio Producer has done a super job with them.
In the
Sonnets at Breakfast rehearsal room this morning, worked through each little team’s ideas and pieces.  It shouldn’t, but it always surprises me how actors’ creativity gets to work when the text is Shakespearean.  Of course it’s usually the best material they’ll ever get to work with--and certainly the most challenging.  Two of the actors ripped off a crazy version of the gravediggers’ scene from Hamlet; it was irreverent and marvellous even in its raw state.  I love these times on the rehearsal room floor, and I think that (sometimes!) I enjoy the rehearsal process even more than the performance.