Sonnets at Breakfast

Breakfast in the Park_1

No need to worry about the weather.  The morning dawned bright, clear, with a sky swept clean of clouds.  The hospitality crew and SMs were in the Botanic Gardens at 5.30am starting the set up.  The breakfasters began arriving around 8am, and the morning from then on simply flew!
The organisation and the hospitality was brilliant.  Anita Adams, the event coordinator is an absolute champion.  Her hard work in getting patrons along to an unknown first-time event, and organising her greet and wait staff was impeccable.  God bless the volunteer student team who worked like a well-oiled engine, getting guests to tables, and waiting on them with good cheer and total professionalism.  Etiquette 24-7’s breakfast goodies and bottom-less-cup coffee just kept coming, and the entertainment from a white-clad Company 2007 was delightful in the true sense of the word.  Did I mention the perfect weather!

Clowns at Sonnets at Breakfast
The breakfast guests were seated at individual tables in little leafy alcoves, and the entertainment roved to them: song, sonnet, scenes and “vista pieces” provided a unique style of entertainment.   The morning started to wind down around 11am, a little earlier than planned, but by then guests had been in the Gardens for nearly 3 hours, and the temperature was starting to rise.  

Breakfast in the Park_2
The feedback so far has been excellent, and I was particularly pleased to speak with a table of guests from out of town.  They praised the event highly and promised to return next year.  Ah, next year!