St Valentine's Day and 13 Days To Go!

It’s been nice getting the media to notice our Sonnets for St Valentine’s Day  podcast on the iTunes Store.  Started the day at #24 out of 25 in our category (Literature) so I’m hoping to move up the league table later today and tomorrow when 14th February rolls round for some of the rest of the world.
If it’s February 14, it means there are 13 days to go.  These will be days full of rehearsals, costume building, set bump-in to the park, sound checks, more and more media coverage, which means interviews and photo opps for everyone.  The entire team is now moving into full gear, and you can, as
Macbeth director Scott Alderdice notes in his interview with me today, feel it all around.  Check out else Scott has to say about his production in our Interview podcast by clicking on the navigation link (above) and look out for upcoming interviews with the Costume Designer, the Fight Director, Production Supervisor, Composer, Front of House Manager, and Actors.
The weather right now is beautifully wet, although today is sunny.  Last year’s anxieties and sky watching in Festival week are still a fortnight away.  As long as it drenches us now, greens up the Park and goes away between February 27 and March 11, and I’ll risk the cries of “heretic” from all and sundry!