VOx, Meetings, Rehearsals, and the Media

A week of various and varied tasks, and all about this little Festival that’s brewing out there. The final sonnets went up for St Valentine’s Day on Monday and we made it finally into the top 15.  Lots of interest in this little “gift with love” to everyone from the local media, and I found myself talking about it on radio, in the press, and apparently the new digital newspaper (TDN) has picked it up as well.  Television sponsor WIN did a story earlier in the week on the actors in the rehearsal room, and the Chronicle took up our success in getting tourist packages together for the first time in the city’s history...hard to believe this, but a fact.  Nice to know we are moving and shaking things up a little and that the big cultural events in town (AGMF and Flower Food and Wine Festival) are finally getting together in a cross-promotional way to strengthen the festival push for the city.
Scott, Anita, the caterer and I found ourselves in a slightly damp and coolish Botanic Gardens early this morning for another media call.  This time it’s to promote the Sonnets at Breakfast program, our first attempt at a Sunday breakfast event at the Festival.  The goodies in the hamper look great, but wine at 9am on a Friday morning was not in the least appealing (as good as it is!)  Something about a working day ... Met up again around the production meeting table.  Like all production meetings, this one was about a dozen or more details all designed to make the event run successfully.  This one spent quite a while discussing the colours to be used to decorate the cooler boxes and table themes--the decision, festival red and purple.
This afternoon I went to my first run-through, and only the second, of Macbeth in the rehearsal room.  The atmosphere of the production is already beginning to settle around this group of actors.  Each ensemble develops its own feel, affected by the play, the rehearsal room “collective identity” led by the director, and of course, by the actors own intensity.  The music composed by Lauren O’Rourke  provides a fantastic soundtrack, and a great backing for the actors speaking of the text.  There’s some very impressive work from the actors too.  I think we’re onto what will be a magnficient production.
And just heard from our box-office manager, that we have just passed the ticket sales total for the same week in 2006.  Bring it on!